Bear Flag Defense is a Veteran owned small business based in southern California.  We are made up of a few friends that are passionate about firearms and the engineering that goes into them.  Our love of the shooting sports led us to think of different ways to make it more enjoyable for those living in states with restrictive gun laws.  

One of our ideas brought us together to form the company, so we could bring our innovations to those who need them.  Using extensive engineering knowledge, education, and experience in the aerospace industry, we came up with the BF-10 loading device.  Our device has made our trips to the range less frustrating for us, and we know that our product will have the same effect on your shooting experience.  


The Bear Flag Defense logo is a reflection of our position on the constricting gun laws and regulations here in our state.

The Star: reminiscent of the Lone Star of Texas that appears on the original Bear Flag, represents a reminder of where we came from, and the struggle for freedom that once happened here.

The Bear: the California grizzly stands for strength and persistence to move forward in the face of tyranny and restrictive regulations.  

The Riflemen: leading the Bear in the metaphorical direction of freedom.