Frequently Asked Questions

Will the BF-10™ work with (insert non-AR15 rifle name here)?

No.  The BF-10™ is designed to work with AR-15's chambered in .223/5.56 with a Mil-Spec upper receiver.  If you are not sure if your upper is Mil-Spec, send us an email and we'll let you know.


When does the BF-10™ come out?

November 2017


Why does the BF-10™ cost more than a magazine?

The BF-10™ is not a magazine, and does something a magazine cannot do.  The BF-10™ is competitively priced, and considering what it does, a very fair price.


Does the BF-10™ work with 300 blackout?

Yes, we are still testing, but so far the BF-10™ has been 100% reliable with every 300BLK rifle we have tried.


How do you clear a malfunction?

This will depend on what magazine locking device you choose to make your rifle compliant.  See the manufacturer of that device for an answer to that question.  


Will it fit in a magazine pouch?

The BF-10™ will fit in most standard magazine pouches, we recommend the Taco from HSGI.


Why didn't you make it (insert completely different function or design characteristic here)?



Will the BF-10™ work with (insert magazine name here)?

Yes.  We designed the BF-10™ to work with any standard magazine (gi, magpul, lancer, hexmag, etc).  However, we have found that the BF-10™ is easier to use (requires less force) with metal-lipped magazines, like GI mags, Lancer, etc.  Spring tension in the magazine also has an effect on ease of use- the stiffer your magazine spring, the more force required to load it.


Are you making one for (insert caliber/rifle here)?

We have a long list of rifles/calibers that we are planning on making loading devices for.  Top of the list, and in development, is the AR-10 style rifle chambered in .308.


Will it work if my AR is painted (insert color here)?



How do you load the BF-10™?

We have several videos detailing the process of loading the BF-10™.  Basically, you push the follower to the top (feeding end) of the BF-10™, and insert rounds one at a time.  There is much less tension in the BF-10™ than a magazine, and loading rounds is very easy and intuitive.  We are in the process of manufacturing an adapter for the BF-10™ to make it load from stripper clips.


Does the BF-10™ automatically chamber a round when removed from the rifle?

No, we believe that this would have been an unsafe and legally irresponsible feature.  The force of the bolt carrier group pushing on the BF-10™ would put excess wear on the material, causing decreased longevity, and plastic chunks to get in the action of the rifle, chamber, and fire control group.  When the user has completed the magazine load, he/she simply pulls it out of the ejection port the same way it was inserted, then moves the fire control hand back to the pistol grip, and makes the decision when to chamber a round/begin firing again.


Do you have a mailing list where we can get more info? 

Yes, please subscribe to our mailing list on the main page of our website.  We send occasional updates.


Why don't these Californian gun owners just leave the state?

We don't believe in solving problems by running away from them.


Can you use it without thumbs?



 Will it work on an AR pistol?

Yes, as long as the upper is mil-spec.  This is really the best option for AR pistol owners, because you cannot go "featureless" with a pistol.


Why is the Bear facing East instead of West?

He is trying to get away from the insane law makers, communists, and socialists that call the shots in California.


Can I sell the BF-10™ in my store?

Yes, please contact us at sales@bearflagdefense.com for more info.


Is it hot in California?



Will you send me free stuff if I promise to put your sticker on my car?